SKABC’S 40th ANNIVERSARY – 6 months to go!

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    Sue Johnson

    It is the 23rd of the month, and here I am – again – so predictable, asking for your help! February 23, 2023 is 6 months from today.

    Current and former members – get involved and help us capture the spirit of our celebration –– we can’t do this without your contributions!!!

    Set the mood for others and publish your own STORIES on the forum.

    We need your films and soft copies of photos to create A FILM PRESENTATION! Contact, who will tell you how to get your digital pieces into our google folder. We are looking for photos of people (not simply scenery), maybe someone building a Greenland paddle or or or. It would be helpful if you include the year, location, and brief description of each.

    Contact and arrange to deliver HARD COPIES OF PHOTOS – these will be assembled and displayed on memory boards at our 2023 in-person celebration.

    Thank you to those who have contributed. Our team has some items, but we need (far) more!

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