SKABC’S 40th ANNIVERSARY – 10 months to go!

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    Sue Johnson

    February 23, 2023 is 10 months from today. Current and former members – get involved and help us capture the spirit of our celebration –– we can’t do this without your contributions!!!

    FIRST – set the mood for others and publish your own STORIES on the forum.

    SECOND – we need your films and soft copies of photos to create A FILM PRESENTATION! Contact, who will tell you how to get your digital pieces into our google folder. If possible, include the year, location, and brief description of each.

    THIRD – Are you signed up for the May 7 Spring Fling? You could deliver HARD COPIES OF PHOTOS to Sue at the Spring Fling dinner. These will be assembled and displayed on memory boards at our 2023 in-person celebration.

    Our team needs to start collecting these items NOW! Please help!

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