Shearwater Sport Kayaks For Sale – 14’6”

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    Wayne Gooch

    Shearwater Sport Kayaks

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    Wayne Gooch

    These are both sold now.

    Thank  You

    Wayne Gooch

    Wayne Gooch

    The CLC Shearwater Sport offers the perfect combination of lightweight, sharp West Greenland handling, effortless cruising speed, and an extra-large cockpit for comfort.

    Watertight bulkheads and flush-mounted deck hatches are standard, so many builders go camping in their Shearwater Sports.

    All kayak design is a compromise.  For speed, you want the kayak to be long and narrow.  For comfort, you want beam (width) and a big cockpit.  For maneuverability and compactness, a short kayak is desirable.  Artful compromise is the mark of good design, and we feel that designer Eric Schade’s Shearwater Sport is a great combination of kayak virtues.  “Shearwater Sport”

    Asking $3,000.00 each Kayak or 2 Kayaks for $5,000.00

    Contact: Wayne Gooch



Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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