sell or swop exped down sleeping pad $100

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    Maureen Benzon

    exped Downmat HL winter m

    Last year I did not camp at all. The year prior, I inadvertently brought home an exped mummy pad instead of my own rectangular one.

    I do not like the mummy and would like to sell it and replace with a full mattress.

    It’s in good condition but I don’t know anything else.


    for photos



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    Maureen Benzon

    My original mattress that I inadvertently swopped out was many years old. Absolutely no problems with anything.


    Tracey Pham

    Hi Maureen, I’ve been looking for one. I’ll buy it from you!

    Allan Edwin

    That is a really good price for an ExPed. I hope you will be able to trade for the one you want.

    I have an ExPed Downmat Lite 5M, which is full-width. I suspect it is the one you were probably looking for. It has served me well now for 3 (very full) seasons kayaking and backpacking. I’ll keep an eye out for another one for you. I’ve seen a few go by on EBay. They’re not easy to come by and typically get posted for reasons similar to yours.

    For the curious, I have not had any delamination issues. I have been careful to keep my mat out of hot cars and tents. The face fabric is a reasonable balance between tough and light. Make sure you don’t have a knife or spork in your pockets when going to bed.

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