Seeking help at Gambier Cabin 24 Mar day trip (revised)

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    Nick Heath

    The weather forecast looks good for Thu. I want to go via very small power boat to the member’s private cabin, that is available for SKABC member use, to complete the hearth on which the wood stove sits and connect the chimney. This is mostly a one-person task, but for safety reasons it is better for 2 to be on site.  The old chimney and stove were removed for fire safety reasons. The new stove should make the cabin usable year-round.

    Another job that can be done close near the cabin is to try to clean and prepare an existing unused water storage tank and connect plastic pipes so that it fills from the adjacent stream (permit already granted). This will provide a 1000 L water reserve for dry periods, which could be treated or boiled for drinking or used for fire control in an emergency.  Other tasks (there are many) could be to locate and buck downed timber for firewood, then stack it and .

    So I’m looking for a hardy person who could figure out and complete these tasks without much supervision.

    I got no response when I proposed an overnight stay,  so I’m re-casting this as a day trip  instead. Typically, I launch my boat at McDonald Ramp in Richmond but could pick up a helper in W Van e.g. Sunset Marina or Caulfeild Cove or similar.  This will be a full day.

    Pl send me email if you re interested.

    Nick:    treasurer2 at

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