seek book from SKILS, Freedom of the Seas, Vol 1

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    Megan Moser
    Anybody know where I can buy this book in Vancouver?  Ecomarine on Granville Is does not have it:
    Navigation, Sea State and Weather, a paddler’s manual
    Freedom of the Seas, Vol 1
    Pardy, Marleau, Woodford, Harris
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    Martin Feuchtwanger

    Megan. I’m in E Van. 604-254-0361 feumar at

    Megan Moser

    Hi Martin,

    I may have found a copy.  But if not, I would love to borrow the club’s copy for a few weeks. Could I meet up with you somewhere to borrow it– downtown / East Van ??



    Yekaterina Yushmanova

    Megan, I have an extra copy that you are welcome to have. I am in town until Monday. Feel free to text me at 604-600-3738. Or after Monday, my husband Ben at 604-445-7558.


    Philip Kubik

    Probably you could buy the book directly from SKILS because they provide it with some of their courses. Email or use their web form at If SKILS does not sell the book directly, they may advise you where you can purchase it.

    John Leung

    Try MEC.  I remember seeing that book there in the past.



    Martin Feuchtwanger

    I have the club’s copy. I need to return it. Maybe i can get it to you, for borrowing?

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