Sechelt inlet

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    Sandra Waddle

    I’m planning a trip to sechelt inlet. What is current like there? Is there a separate current table or is the porpoise bay tide reflective of current?

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    Sandra Waddle

    Thanks all! Devi I’m going may long.

    John Leung

    I generally wouldn’t worry too much about current. Only two spot to worry about:

    1. The Skookumchuck Narrows.  People who goes there are “usually” people who do white water kayaking (different kind of kayak) playing with the strong current.  Goverment publish current info only at that narrows (Sechelt Rapids in the Tide and Current Table Volume 5

    2. The Tzoonie Narrows (if you paddle that far).  There are no official current info at that narrows, but some guide books do mention that the narrow section can get up to 4 knots.

    Don’t know your experience level, for most people, wind is probably the major factor.  Especially at the junction where Salmon Inlet and Sechelt Inlet meet.  Water there can get more choppy when thermo winds from the two inlet meet.

    Devi Desabhatla

    Here is a short video of a trip I did last year.

    When are you planning to go? A trip up Sechelt over a few days is on my list in July.

    Kayaking and camping all the way upto Halfway Beach campsite and a little beyond opposite  Salmon Inlet to watch the sunrise over this inlet.

    Quirine Schuyff

    Already stated…..  Winds will often be very strong. My VHF weather said one thing but the winds in there did something completely different. I didn’t know about any weather app which would specifically tell me about that area which had me with false security going around Kunechin Pt. And struggling to make it around the corner and into the campsite there.
    I did a solo trip in there a few years back so if you’d like any other thoughts about campsites etc. I can help.
    I parked on a residential street further up and launched at a beach there.  Had to watch the tides to help me when loading and launching. It was a long walk along a muddy flat to get my boat and gear to the water but the tide came in beautifully timed and lifted my boat up and away.  😁

    Susan Servos-Sept

    As Devi said above, you need to pay attention to the afternoon winds unless you like paddling in wind.  Re currents. I have never encountered any in the inlet unless you get up close to the Skookumchuck. Keep your eye out for the float planes that take off and land close to the Sechelt end of the inlet. They of course, have the right away. Have fun!

    Devi Desabhatla

    I paddle quite a bit in Sechelt Inlet, generally use the App ” Nautide” , works fine.

    Be aware of  southerly winds which generally kick up about mid-day to 5 pm .

    I park car at Porpoise Bay Provincial Park… if day paddle nice to be able to return for a quick shower in the day use area.


    Kevin Amos
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