Save West Ballenas Island fundraising challenge

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    Kapila Jayaweera

    Yes, goal was reached by 10 am today according to Parks foundation. It was amazing to see the generous support and encouragement received from club members to this fundraising challenge.

    Thank you so much for everyone’s generous support.

    Nick, you are amazing. You got the vision to see the big picture.

    Mick Allen

    Congratulations to the club and to all who supported this endeavour.  It’s an amazing save . . . a stepping stone across the water.

    Yekaterina Yushmanova

    Hey folks, just logged in to see the progress and saw that the goal has been reached! This is so incredible and inspiring! Thank you all who rallied and contributed 🥰

    Kapila Jayaweera

    Thanks everyone’s for your contribution. Everything listed in this posting added to $2175.00 so far and we still have three more days to go.

    Also when I check fundraising site last night at 7pm, it was missing $98,719.00

    At 6am today (Nov 14th) only need $43,437.00. I have a feeling that park foundation may reach their goal before the end of today.



    Vincent Law

    I’m in for $100. Thx. Kapila for the inspiration.


    Mick Allen

    I just noticed this yesterday and the amount yet to be raised was $188,000 . . . with all the money raised [I jumped in too]  in the subsequent 24 hours all that is left to reach the goal is $92,000!!

    It sure looks as if the remaining amount will be reached so preliminary congrats everyone.

    Kapila Jayaweera

    I didn’t have to wait till Monday to do my pledge since $1000.00 target already reached.

    Just complete my transaction.


    Kapila Jayaweera

    I am so excited to see all the support we are getting to save this island. Looks like members already donate $1075.00 so with my pledge it is going going to be 2075.00 so far.

    Also an individual contributions are match by another anonymous donor so it will ended up doubling again at the end.
    We still have 3 more days to go so please keep spread the word to support this good cause.

    Thank you for everyone’s support.

    Nick Heath

    By the way, and in addition to what I wrote earlier, Paul Grey and John Kimantas already paddled over to W Ballenas to check out landings and possible camping areas, so BC Marine Trails folk are hot to trot if the land becomes a BC Park that allows recreational use!

    Kevin Amos

    I donated a hundred bucks just so I can say I bought an island 😉

    Nick Heath

    btw BC Marine Trails folk Paul Grey and John Kimantas paddled over on a nice October day and checked out possible landings and small areas for low-impact overnight stops. Let’s hope BC Parks Fdn can buy this island and BC Parks open it for respectful rec use!

    link to assessment report

    Karin Hartner

    So generous of you, Kapila. I donated $50 last week. I know that doesn’t count towards your challenge but this purchase will succeed. They are very close to their goal so the more of us kayakers that chip in the better.


    John McIntyre

    Kapila – I just donated $500.


    Maureen Benzon


    Thank you so much for starting this. I have donated $100. All we need is $850 because donations are already matched. Come on skabcers. We can do this.



    Nick Heath

    What a generous offer, Kapila! I had an inquiry just yesterday from a member who wanted to give some $ to the SKABC to pass along to BC Parks Fdn for this campaign, but I had to tell him it had already been completed, when SKABC contributed $1000 last month, but that individual donations are still strongly encouraged. His thought was that a donation from a club like ours carries more weight in the management decisions that will follow than an individual contribution, but I think that having multiple donors is even better- just let BCPF know it is coming from a kayaker!

    South Island Sea Kayak Assn (SISKA) contributed $1300 by using funds that in other years would have been spent on their annual Christmas party. If you have friends in other clubs, like PIKA, maybe see if they could be persuaded to do likewise? I hear that a lobby group formed in Nanaimo Paddlers to squeeze some funds from that club, too.

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