Roll-off ferry launching at Long Harbour, Saltspring

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    Emily Glasbey


    Has anyone experienced rolling onto the ferry (without car) and launching at Long Harbour, Saltspring?  BC Marine Trails says the launch is close to the ferry but I wondered how easy or difficult this particular one is.

    We plan to paddle over to Galliano.

    Thanks! Em

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    Emily Glasbey

    Thanks for the replies everyone!  We decided to launch from Mayne, however in the end my bf hurt his shoulder so we took the car to Saltspring instead.  We managed some short paddles in the rain.  It was stunning.  Some amazing sandstone rock formations.

    Nick Heath

    I launched there. It is the bay (WellburyBay?) directly opposite the ferry dock across the isthmus. The concrete ramps/stairs negotiated with wheels and hand carry was a bit awkward. Need boats mostly unloaded first.  Not much beach below – likely none at high water so time your launch and retrieve times accordingly. Otherwise, super convenient for a car-free tour! Start here and end, say, at Village Bay, Nanaimo or Sidney.  There are other nearby launches, too as shown on the BCMTNA web map, but I’ve not used them. Despite some shortcomings I’d definitely use this one again.

    Mick Allen

    Here is some discussion and a few photos:

    I didn’t realize the photos weren’t on the marine trails [] map: a few more have been added now.



    Peter Mountstevens

    [caption id="" align="alignnone" width="533"]Screenshot Screenshot[/caption]


    Hi Emily

    I’ve launched from there before and although I don’t know if it’s the same site as Joan used I do remember there being a fair amount of boulders to climb over.

    The launch site is not in the same bay as the ferry comes into. We wheeled our kayaks up the ramp and straight across the road to the opposite junction of Long Harbour Rd and Scott Point Drive where there are a couple of picnic tables at the front of the vehicle line-up area. There is an access point to the beach on that side of the headland. You can see it if you zoom into Street View on Google Maps. I’ve tried to include a photo but I’m not sure if it attached.

    All the best.


    Joan Mercier

    Hi Emily

    I have launched from Salt Spring and it was very difficult.  There is a steep set of stairs going down to the water.  Depending on the wind direction, the waves can really roll in.  Also when we landed, it was at high tide, and we had to stand in the water almost up to our waist to unload the boats.  This was a few years ago, perhaps things have changed, or another member knows of something better.


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