Richard's folding kayak racks – brilliant!

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    Heather Kirk

    Yesterday I attended Richard Jensen’s workshop to make a set of folding supports for use when washing, waxing or doing maintenance on your boat. His design is simple and practical, it takes up almost no space and it’s cheap, cheap cheap!!! When I saw how easy it was to make I knew I could do it myself but then I asked myself if I would ever get around to it or if I would buy the wood etc and then let it sit in my garage forever and keep making do with my saw horses. I knew the answer to that question so I signed up for the workshop and went yesterday. Today I put my boat on my new kayak supports and finally installed the new bungee cord I’ve had for at least a year and put in new retro-reflective deck lines for self rescues. I could stand upright and be comfortable during the installations and it was easy to set the boat on its side so I could work on both sides of the boat without walking around.

    There is going to be a second workshop for the kayak supports and help with other concerns with respect to kayak maintenance. If you missed last weekend’s sessions and are interested, I give this 5 stars.



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    Dermot Shane

    We had grandparent duties on Saturday, could not make the schedule work

    we’d would love to get to next kayakstand workshop

    Eva & Dermot


    Chantal Ethier

    Hi Heather,

    Thank you for the wonderfully positive feedback.  We thought this session might come in handy for many of us who struggle with storage.  I couldn’t agree more with you that this price is spot on and the design is simple and practical.  All in all it is brilliant and a win-win.

    I was thrilled to see what Richard came up with when I first spoke to him about this.  A friend of mine had made a set of kayak stands, which as it turns out was quite a bit pricier, not as sturdy and way more complicated.  Richard stuck to the KIS method (Keep It Simple) and the result as evidenced by your comments is pretty much what I had hoped for.

    Enjoy the stands and thanks for taking the time to write about the workshop and giving it 5 stars – that’s more than I could have hoped for.  🙂


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