Reverse order of topic replies?

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    Roy Smyth

    Reading a topic with many replies is a pain if you just want the recent replies – they are way down the page at the bottom.

    I can easily change the way the forums work so that topic replies are in newest to oldest order and (cool trick) I can also force the original topic post to stay at the top.


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    Maureen Benzon

    Good decision. I like the reverse order. I can always scroll to the bottom to find the original post, but if I have checking the site regularly, I don’t need to.



    Roy Smyth

    Order is now reversed (newest reply at the top and oldest at the bottom). The original topic creator post stays at the top.

    Thanks to all who commented and emailed.

    Those emails should have been forum replies 😉 !


    Roxanne Rousseau

    I like the idea of reversing the chronological dates of comments after they reach a critical mass! It is hard to follow conversations on an iPhone! Up there with the same feeling as being in sea swell!

    Roy Smyth


    So far you are outnumbered two to one in the overwhelming deluge of replies ( one my own opinion and the other verbal at the club meeting last night).


    Harald Riffel

    Well, the reverse order is an interesting idea, especially for long threads.   However the various online forums that I have viewed recently are in chronological order.  The reverse order would be useful if you just want to see the most recent post.  But the chronological order is more convenient  when reading through a long thread for the first time.  My vote – stick to the regular chronological order.  If we want to get fancy we could add a button to take one to the last (most recent) post.


Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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