Rescues and Boat Handling Course and kayak rentals

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    Carlos Hernan Castaneda

    Hi, new in SKABC.

    i would like to take the Rescues and Boat Handling Course (previously Strokes & Rescues) training course. I have some little experience kayaking in Bowen, Gambier, False creek (6 times total)

    Do I need to take the beginners course before in order to take the rescue and handling course? Or I’m ok? Where can I rent kayak and equipment nearby (as I don’t have a rack on my car. Thanks

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    Yekaterina Yushmanova

    Welcome to the club, Carlos. Please contact Chantal or George to check if your level of experience is sufficient for the course. I believe the course is full at the moment and you will need to be on the wait list.

    You can rent a boat and safety gear from MEC or other rental shops but need to be able to transport it. You don’t necessarily need a rack some foam can be sufficient. You can also see if anyone else in the class is renting and try to carpool with them.

    Good luck!


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