Repair flat kayak wheel

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    Helen Yeh


    One of kayak wheels is flat; the tire has visible tear. The system looks like it has inner tube. Does anyone know where I can get this repaired by any chance? Or do I simply need to purchase a new one?

    Note my wheel system has a metal frame and I don’t know the brand name unfortunately.




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    Helen Yeh

    Hi, just wanted to thank you all for the advice again. Really appreciated! I shall do some tire homework this weekend… haha. Helen

    Bob Maher

    Wheeleez Kayak Carts do sell their tires seperate but you would have to know the size of tire and axil specifications.

    You could also contact MEC., Western Canoe & Kayak, Coast out door and Skyview

    Home Depot also has small tires.

    Would Golf Cart Tires work?


    Nick Heath

    I agree with Cliff. I’ve had problems with leaks and flats on inflatable tires. Yes,  you can fix them with tire levers and a bicycle repair kit, but are you going to carry those items plus an air pump on a trip? You can buy new tubes easily enough, but the tires are flimsy and a few oysters will destroy them. That said, shame upon me, for I’m still using inflatable tires, so I am not practicing what I preach!

    Thom Kline

    You might have some luck at Canadian Tire. Believe it or not they sell tries.

    Cynthia Materi


    my tire just died too. I bought a new set so you can have the good one.
    call me



    Helen Yeh

    Hi, thanks for the advice! Here is a pic; the dimension prob about 90 cm X 30 cm.

    Kayak wheel

    Heather Kirk

    Can you send a picture of your kayak wheels, I mean the whole thing? Someone will know what brand they might be and where to buy a new wheel.

    Cliff Johnston

    I recommend flat free solid rubber tires. Lots of options on Amazon.

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