Redfish King

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    Roy Morford

    I have a Redfish King cedar strip kayak almost finished. The hull and deck are finished but not yet joined. I am no longer able to complete this beautiful boat. Any offers? Thanks.

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    Roy Morford

    Kayak now sold.

    Robert Kulka

    Hello Roy,

    Sound like a very nice boat you almost built and I would love to finish it.  I built a Redfish Spring Run from a kit a few years ago and really enjoyed the project.  The King would be an excellent addition so both my wife and I can paddle wooden boats at the same time (she would get the Spring Run and I the King).  I live and work in North Vancouver and have a very flexible schedule, could come over on Monday almost any time.  Please let me know what works for you, I can best be reached on my cell at 604.619.9402 or email

    Kind regards, Robert

    Peter Kearney

    Hi Roy,

    I am back in West  Van this Tue.

    Would love to see the kayak – what days/ times work for you?

    Thanks, Peter


    Roy Morford

    This kayak is built with cedar strips which have been cut from planks and sorted so that the finished colour/grain variations are book matched on either side of the centre line, both on deck and hull. Since buying the boat in its current unfinished state I’ve built a small sailboat, some furniture and have many other projects are waiting in line. The Redfish King is a superb boat (I’ve paddled one in the past, that’s why I bought this one) and will stand out in a crowd when finished. I would like to recover the $500 I paid for the boat and see it go to a good home. The hard work is done and the cost to finish will be minimal. Adjustable foot pegs are included. It’s currently hanging in my garage in West Vancouver. If you are interested and would like to see her please let me know.

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