Recommendations for Baja tour operators

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    Don Froese

    Looking for recommendations for Baja tour operators. Considering doing a guided trip next spring.


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    Bryden Fergusson

    We just got back from Baja on Sunday from a kayak tour or I would have replied sooner to your enquiry. Myself, wife and adult daughter went on a 6 day trip with out of Loreto. We toured the Islands in Loreto Bay National Park. The company we chose was excellent, the best organized I have experienced in our various sea kayak trips. Because it was the last trip of the season there were just the 3 of us and 2 guides! But if full I understand their guide ratio is still 3:1 or 4:1. The guides were local, very experienced and great cooks. The best food we have experienced on a sea kayak guided tour. Because we were less than 4 guests, we weren’t supported by a panga and carried the gear but that was no problem for us. They still got resupplied halfway through the trip. I was a bit concerned going in that the company seemed like a bit corporate and tourist slick but I couldn’t have been more wrong. Very local in their outlook, seems like they have great quality control in terms of the guides, equipment, communication ion, etc. We are looking at a future trip with the company in the future. Oh yea, the area was an absolute knock out, quality and diversity of the snorkeling alone was worth the trip.

    Lynda Froese

    Thanks for the information all.


    Randy Chatterjee

    We had a perfect trip with Mar Y Aventuras (Sea & Adventures): . They have a permanent camp on Espiritu Santo island (correct spelling) and so many varieties of supported, less supported, or unsupported trips (boat rentals) that you’ll likely find what you want.  They also run a nice, clean, simple hotel in La Paz as a base for your trip, where you can arrive, clean up and stay the night before you leave, and store things while out paddling.  That makes the whole trip easy and no stress.

    The owner, Mary Harter, is from Montana and lives down there part year.  She hires almost entirely locally, and her team of paddling leaders, marine biologists, cooks, fishing experts, launch operators, etc are professional and inspirational.

    La Paz is one of the best paddling areas with many local attractions, including snorkeling among a colony of friendly and playful sea lions.  (They are not aggressive and territorial as our sea lions in BC.)  There is a chain of accessible islands to paddle around or along, or to pick from as a destination.  This touring company has launches (called panga) that are their kayak taxi service to get you closer to where you want to go without any large crossings.  They will also pick you up if the weather turns bad.

    We also made a side trip with their help to Magdalena Bay on the west coast to observe the “whale nursery” there.  Most of the grey whales that ply our coast are born in this bay and live their first few months there before heading north in the summer.  Baby whales are docile and friendly, and you can ride a launch, paddle, or swim right with them.  They are still 6-10 meters long, so caution is advised.  One sneezed on me.

    Cynthia Kennedy

    In April 24 just returned from 3 island circumnavigation out of Loreto MX with Sea Kayak Baja Mexico.

    great equipment and guides. West jet flies Vancouver To Calgary to Loreto on Fridays November to April .

    not cheap but worth it. Ratio guides to participate 1:4. Safety will not kayak if marine forecast greater than 15 kn.

    I think we’re kayak together to Nootka Sound.

    Andrea Kovits

    In 2019 my friends and I circumnavigated Isla Espirito Santos. We went with Baja Outdoor Adventures out of La Paz and had an excellent experience.

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