Province is looking for feedback on draft trails strategy

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    Yekaterina Yushmanova

    The Province is updating its trails strategy and is currently looking for feedback.

    There are no specific questions regarding marine trails, but there is an opportunity to fold in water use as a part of the questionnaire response. I think it is important that everyone who uses land and water trails to considers providing input.

    Here is a link to the document and the survey:

    The survey will be available until the end of February.

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    Nick Heath

    Please be aware of some underlying factors here.

    1) Within BC, there is a strong lobby for motorized trail use – ATV, dirt bike, 4×4, ORV and to a lesser extent snowmobile. Various of these groups now have access to the approx. $250,000 p.a. to be spent (most likely exclusively) on motorized used trails, derived from the ORV Trail Fund revenue from licence fees. No similar source is available for non-motorized trails. Some trails targeted for ‘improvement,’ including some sections of BCs new rail trails and parts of the Trans Canada Trail (Great Trail) are currently maintained by volunteers and others for cycling/hiking use only.

    2) If a trail is supported for “transportation”, please distinguish between “active transportation” and mechanized transportation – the motorized lobby wants use of some walking/cycling trails to get around their area on ATVs etc that are not allow on the roads (although they can surely travel fast enough!).

    3) Please treat with caution terms such as “all users”, “diverse users’ needs” -these could include sectors of the public who wish to roar through alpine meadows on dirt bikes…

    4) Although SKABC had input to the Trails Strategy at public meetings about 8 years ago, we did not really succeed in getting proper acknowledgement of water trails, so here is another opportunity to correct that.

    5) Vision statement
    May I suggest something along these lines ? :
    Trails on water as well as on land should be acknowledged in the vision.
    Trails should neither permit nor encourage motorized use.

    6) To the question:Please name one trail or trail network within British Columbia that you think is world class and explain why:

    I took the opportunity to blow BCMT’s horn slightly:

    Gulf lslands Marine Trail is quite easy, v accessible for paddlers of all ability, relatively safe, yet gives access to beautiful and diverse places with excellent camping or fixed-roof accommodation in a near-unique, relatively natural environment.

    You might disagree, and I am by no means trying to put words into anyone’s mouth.

    However, this is important stuff and so please spread the word and get others (club members, family etc ) to complete this tedious questionnaire. You can be sure that other groups are getting as many as possible to do so, but their interests are likely different from ours.

    The questionnaire is horribly long and quite vague in parts. Just please watch out for  numerous weasel words that  allow it to be interpreted very differently by different people.

    Due date is end of February.

    Allan Edwin

    Another up-vote for this post. Please make the time to take the survey. It will take about 30 minutes if you do it thoughtfully.

    While there is no guarantee the province will USE the information wisely, there is also NO reason to squander this opportunity to give them reasons to pay attention to paddlers. Our trails are on water, but it is incredibly important to preserve road access to launch/landing sites and water access to sites for safe stops and camping — all of which are land.

    Mark Stoakes

    Thanks for highlighting this survey. Definitely worth responding too – although make sure you set aside the time to do it as it’s pretty comprehensive.  High on my list is a strategy about maintaining water access points.

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