portable power for tripping

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    Joe Barnwell

    I see there is a posting from July 17 about recommendations for solar power for charging electronics on trips. There were a couple of responses.

    I’m wondering if anyone has any other suggestions for solar or portable power packs to charge devices such as camera, iphone, GPS, marine radio or satellite phone? For kayaking.

    Thanks, Joe

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    Daniel Del Vecchio

    A new battery pack i heard of




    Yekaterina Yushmanova

    I have an Anker power bank for all USB compatible devices and it is awesome for that. Doesn’t work with the the radios though, so looking forward to see what others are using fo that purpose.

    Daniel Del Vecchio




    I don’t have “field experience” yet but been researching the subject a lot. I’m an amateur radio portable power is very important for us. So here a few things i found that may be of interest. At the end it depends how much power and what kind of power. Many panel have a usb ports but for example in my situation all my radio stuff use 12v so i can’t use it. My set up i will be trying this season is an anker that does also 9v and 12v. My panel will be a 5 w powerfilm in a chart bag when i paddle and adding a 10w when i get to shore. I can go on and on that topic but a good presentation on solar is :


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