Portable Marine VHF radios

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    Gary Christensen

    Good Morning: As a new member I have read previous discussions on handhelds. Very good info…..thanks for that! This may be a stupid question, but all of the radios I have researched, all have Li. ion rechargeable batteries. None of the brands I have seen show the use of “normal” AAA batteries or equivalent. Am I looking at the wrong radios?

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    Andrew Richardson

    Hi Gary.  I am also quite new and remember asking this question last year.

    I bought the Cobra HH600.  I comes with a battery tray that takes AA batteries.  I pack the tray and AA batteries in a waterproof bag, and put it away safe only to be used in an emergency.

    Then I use my radio, GPS, etc when paddling without as much worry about running out of battery when I need it.

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