Pool Practice- need Liability Insurance

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    Theresa Davies

    My local community centre pool will allow kayak rescue practice if I can produce Commercial General Liability Insurance – anyone know anything about this? Does the club have such a thing? Would be nice to take time to practice in the pool before heading to the ocean/lake, especially for beginners. Any ideas, thoughts?

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    Theresa Davies

    Thanks for all the support, info and ideas- I’ll research further.

    Maureen Benzon

    Way back before COVID restrictions we used to run a beginners course in the pool. We had to stop because of unreasonable insurance requests. It will be nice if things have been sorted out.  Lord Byng is still open to kayaks on a Friday 8.00pm to 9.00pm. There is a minimal charge and there used to be a cap on the number of kayaks allowed. First come basis.

    Find a buddy or 2 and arrange your own practice. It is free time and you can do whatever you like. If they allow rolling practice, they cannot deny rescue practice.

    Be safe.


    Nick Heath

    SKABC carries Commercial General Liability insurance to a max of $5M.  This is often needed to rent facilities such as picnic shelters, public pools etc. We  advise our insurers of most planned events and some events like the recent Big Brothers/Big Sisters paddle could not be covered by our policy, but separate insurance was bought for it.

    Depending on how the risk is perceived by our insurers, (which might in turn depend on life-guarding arrangements etc) it might be feasible to make frequent use of a community pool for our practice sessions.  It is definitely worth looking into.

    Laura Benson

    I understand you’re already being helped Theresa, but I wanted to share this with you anyway. Depending on which community you’re dealing with, most municipalities in BC are members of the Municipal Insurance Association of BC. This association offers a program to its members, to help the users of their facilities obtain insurance. This is a link to the site. So for most facilities I might want to rent in my own community, I can get an immediate quote that meets the coverage requirements of my municipality. I hope this may be of some help to you or SKABC. https://miabc.eventpolicy.ca/

    Kallie Cunningham

    Theresa, I will follow up with you about our insurance directly.


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