Places to Launch during COVID19

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    Stephen Tarrant

    Hi all,

    Looks like we are going to have lovely weather for the Easter long weekend, and I would like to go for a short solo paddle.     Seems like there have been many announcements recently about parks closing, parking beside beaches closing, etc.    Wondering if anyone has suggestions for good launch points where:

    -Parking is still available nearby

    -I won’t have to cross any closed parks to get to the water

    -It is possible to maintain “social distancing” during unloading and while getting the kayak to the water.



    Stephen Tarrant



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    Cameron Redenbach

    Grant narrows info for anyone interested,
    as very difficult to find any info


    “”””Thank you for your email. Yes, unfortunately, we are on lock down due to COVID 19.

    Please take care and stay safe.


    Denise Horvath
    Office Manager
    Katzie Development Limited Partnership”””

    Maureen Benzon

    Social distancing is definitely possible – but you have to concentrate and it takes longer to get going! It is best if you can load/unload your boat and get it to the beach individually. I know a couple of friends who paddle together regularly and need help getting to the water. They have the rule that they will always carry the bow of their own boat. This probably works as you have 17′ between you, but once the boat is on the beach you have to remember to maintain that distance. Have fun this weekend. Fresh air and exercise is sure to do us good.

    Ted Lam

    I went a big round to check launch sites in North Vancouver:

    Deep cove: big parking lots are closed, park on street ok.

    Strathcona, Lowry: normal space,

    Amberside ok, no limit parking.

    Locano beach:  was ok, 2 days ago.

    Good luck everyone.

    Ted Lam

    I am not sure that all parks in Vancouver are closed but, I am trying to launch on Amberside North vanc on Saturday. If someone sees this one is closed, please let me know. Thanks

    Svetozar Tzonkov

    I am also planning to go out and paddle this weekend for sure! Would love to hear about accessible launch points. I was wondering possibleif it’s possible to paddling with someone or a group and still be considered social distancing?

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