P&H MK2 Scorpio (Medium, orange) for sale

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    Pilsung Yang

    I am selling my 17 foot P&H MK2 Medium Volume Scorpio (orange).

    It is an excellent boat that rolls easily and tracks well with great initial and secondary stability. My Scorpio is also equipped with an automatic bilge pump which automatically pumps water out once the cockpit gets full of water.

    I wish I could keep it but I have recently bought a P&H Delphin, and I am not using Scorpio as much.

    The only store in BC that might carry this gem is Coast Outdoors in North Vancouver, and you have to pay $3700, including taxes, or more to buy a brand new one. They don’t even have Scorpio in stock.

    I’m selling this for $2700.

    This is a rare but awesome opportunity to get a good-quality sea kayak that can handle pretty much anything on the water. Also, this is also a great boat for multi-day camping.

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    Antonia De Haan

    Hi Pilsung,

    I am sorry I am not looking for a new kayak right now, but I am very interested in your bilge pump knowledge!  My kayak is in need of a new gel coat and not sure when I will take it to get it repaired, but I guess a bilge pump could be put in no matter what condition it is in.  What did it cost you to put the pump in?  What would you charge for your expertise to help me put a pump into my kayak?

    Thank you.


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