Perimeter Deck Lines are in need of repair

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    Carole Fitzgerald

    The deck lines of my Nimbus Telkwa Sport need to be repaired/tightened.

    Does anyone have experience to help me with this or can recommend someone who can fix them?

    Appreciate any suggestions…


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    Nick Heath

    Hey Carole, I’ve replaced lines before – not difficult- but I’d be happy enough to come and help. Previous advice all good except nylon line stretches more than polyester line and you don’t want stretchy, just like you never want bungie cord for the deck lines. Their purpose is to be able grab the boat firmly in any rescue situation. I installed the reflective line on one of my boats. It seems gimmicky until one dark night you see its reflection while walking around the beach, just before falling over your hauled-out kayak!

    Ted Lam

    Hi Carole,

    Just to add a touch,

    Please check with Coast outdoor if they have reflective deck line in, it is better to see your boat in the dark than the just black color. I checked with them twice in the winter but they ran out.

    If you need this idea, buy a few feet of black nylon tube, 5/16 diameter, i found it in Canadian tire, automobile section. Slide each chunks in to the rope where your self rescue hand can grap, usually 4 locations around cockpit, along the side of the boat.

    Last, if you don’t have help, use a small pair of vise grip, pull hard and clamp the rope (just use enough force so you don’t damage the rope) at the loop before the last loop so when you tight the end rope, it does not get too loose after all.

    Last, last, if you still need to show you, i can come, but it has to be the first week of May.

    PS. i have a same boat as you have, in white. It found me, i never know how good it was until i went all the way to Nanaimo to buy it. Love it very much like a trophy.

    Nick Jones

    Hey Carole … I’ve replaced deck lines previously and its pretty easy.    First step is to draw out how the current lines are setup on your kayak (so that you know how to install the new line).  In particular note location and type of knots.  2nd step is to get some new line (your local kayak shop can probably sell you some).  3rd step is to install following the layout you drew from the original lines.   Couple of things to consider / you might need:

    I recommend looking online as well as there are a bunch of good resources about deck lines … e.g. .

    Finally, if this is not your thing I would recommend your local kayak shop and I am sure they can do the work for you … e.g. (Abbotsford) (North Van)

    Mark Stoakes

    Take a photo of the deck and the old deck lines. Then when you snip the old ones off you can remember the pattern. Usually 4mm cord is used for deck lines

    Clark Perry-Bater

    Hi Carole, I installed perimeter lines on my own boat, using 3 or 4 mm nylon cord from MEC. If your lines don’t need replacing, it should be a fairly simple task to tighten them. I would be glad to come and see your boat and see if I can help. Where is your boat?  Call me if you want – 604-434-2294

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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