Paddling Groups on the Sunshine Coast

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    Danielle Smith

    Hi there!

    I just moved to Halfmoon Bay on the Sunshine Coast and am looking for people to paddle with. Does anyone know of a group that goes out on a regular basis? I’m willing to drive a ways to meet the group.

    Thanks in advance!


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    Tracey Pham

    Hi Danielle, I live in Sechelt in Tuwanek right on Sechelt Inlet. There’s also Libby who lives in Roberts Creek who has been part of the club for years as well. If you want to put together a group please let me know

    Devi Desabhatla


    I too am not aware of any groups.

    I live close to the Langdale ferrry terminal and paddle Thornborough Channel.. west of Gambier Island ,launching from Port Mellon.Easy access to water.. One can back car right up to waters edge.

    Another of my haunts is Sechelt Inlet, launch from Porpoise Bay, excellent parking.c Paddle up to Piper Point or Nine Mile Point usually and sometimes beyond.

    I am not a cold weather paddler!! I generally paddle April to October mid.

    I use a Current Designs Solstice GTS. Give me a shout sometime.





    Susan Servos-Sept

    Hi, Danielle I am the paddler that John refers to above. I do not know of any official paddle groups here on the SSCoast (used to be one long ago). I wish there was one. I am always keen to go for a paddle. Give me a shout if you would like to go out. I will go any season as long as it is not too windy or cold. I use a Necky Solander.

    John McIntyre


    You should contact Susie Servos-Sept.  She is one of our paddling trip buddies. I am sure she would love to have another paddler buddy on the Sunshine Coast.  Her email is: Susan Servos-Sept <

    John McIntyre

    Nick Heath

    Halfmoon Bay is a super paddling location – congratulations!

    Several years ago there was a small club on the Sunshine Coast that was an affiliate of SKABC but eventually it folded up. I’ve not heard of any other sea paddling clubs there, although there are likely outdoor clubs that combine a variety of formats.

    SKABC continues to have several active, loyal members who are Sunshine Coast residents. More of the same would be great!

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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