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    Maureen Benzon

    Mike contacted us with details of the following course. Please contact Mike directly. This course is not part of the training offered by skabc.


    For those interested in taking their Paddle Canada Level 3 Skills this year, Mike Gilbert is teaching a Level 3 course Sept. 7th to 11th. It will be held in Barclay Sound and the cost will be $750.00 plus GST.

    This course develops seamanship and leadership in multi-day touring. The participant in Level-3 will

    • develop practical leadership, risk assessment, decision-making, judgment, group management and seamanship in the context of a multi-day journey.
    • participate in a multi-day journey that includes changing conditions and varying terrain.
    • develop the skills necessary to lead a small group of paddlers on an overnight journey.
    • develop the skills outlined in Level-2 to a higher standard of proficiency.

    Level 3 Prerequisites

    Paddle Canada Level-2 Skills certification or equivalent skill and knowledge

    Extended trips of 2 or more days totaling 10 overnights

    Wilderness first aid (16 hours) with CPR is strongly recommended

    VHF radio operator’s license is recommended

    Bronze Medallion swimming and lifesaving (or equivalent) is recommended

    Course Length 4 days with an excursion that includes 2 or more adjacent overnights

    Location Exposed coastline with frequent landing opportunities

    Conditions Winds moderate (12–19 knots)Surf near 1 metre

    Current < 3 knots

    Combined sea state near 1 metre with a moderate, occasionally rough sea state

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    Let Mike know if you have any questions or wish to register. Space is very limited so jump on it if you have any interest.

    Mike Gilbert


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