Paddle Canada Level 1 Skills Course

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    Philip Kubik

    SKABC and PIKA are jointly offering Paddle Canada Level 1 Skills course at a significant discount compared to commercial courses. The practical portion of the course will take place on May 28 & 29 but there will also be with virtual sessions for theory on two evenings.

    The Paddle Canada Level 1 Skills course will give participants the skills and knowledge to move you beyond flat water to slightly rougher water. There is a strong focus on re-entry techniques and the skills required to safely plan and execute a day trip.

    For additional information and to register, select Course Schedule from the Training menu of the SKABC website and scroll to the course.

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    Philip Kubik

    Issues with the course have been resolved and it is posted again. You must be logged in to see the full description and instructions for enrolling in the course.


    Hi Theresa and Megan, thanks for your messages. We’re working on the details of this course and will post updates here asap.

    Theresa Duynstee

    Hi Philip – I’m also interested in the course but I don’t see it in the Course Schedule when I login (nothing is posted). Am I missing something?

    Philip Kubik

    Megan, are you a member of SKABC? This course is only open to club members. If you are a member, please do the following to see the full course information with contact information. 1) Log in. 2) On the menu bar, select Training. 3) In the Training menu, select Course Schedule. The course should be listed with a brief description. 4) Click on the course title and a full description should appear. You must be logged in for step 4.

    Megan Moser

    I’m interested in this course, and so is my daughter. The listing on the website does not show a contact.  How can we find out more?

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