Paddle Canada Level 1 Certification Course

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    Mike Gilbert

    I have April 14th – 18th available to put on a 3 day Level 1 sea kayak course for club members.  Probably looking at April 15, 16 & 17 as the best dates.  Who would be interested?

    Maximum number of students allowed is either a 1:6 or 2:8 instructor student ratio.  Minimum number of students required is 3.  Price per person would be $150.00.  You must have all the needed equipment (ie. kayak, paddle(s), PFD, whistle, pump, throw bag).  Course will be held at Jericho Beach, Vancouver.

    Information about the course is as follows:

    Sea Kayak Level-1 Skills
    Building on the information covered in Basic Skills, Level-1 is a two-day course that moves participants beyond flatwater kayaking and into the sport of sea kayaking. The course is conducted in slightly rougher water than Basic Kayak, aiming to develop the paddler’s comfort in class-1 waters. There is a strong focus on re-entry techniques as well as the skills required to safely plan and execute a day trip with friends (for example, navigation & route planning, weather interpretation, proper clothing/gear.)

    Certification:Paddle Canada Basic Kayak skills certification or equivalent skill and knowledge at the discretion of the course director.
    Paddling experience:Five kayaking excursions (2 or 3 hours) in class-0
    Can execute a controlled wet exit in class-0 conditions.
    Can perform a simple assisted re-entry in class-0 conditions.
    Typical Course Length
    2 days

    Re-entry Skills
    Unassisted Re-entry
    Assisted Re-entry
    Paddling Skills
    Launching and Landing
    Forward Stroke
    Reverse Stroke
    Sweep Strokes
    Draw Stroke
    Low Brace
    Stern Rudder
    Edge Control
    General Knowledge
    Equipment and Equipment Care
    Route Planning and Basic Navigation Techniques
    Half-day Kayak Journey
    Sea State
    Risk Assessment and Mitigation
    Cold Issues and Sun Safety
    Impact of Kayakers on the Environment
    History and Heritage
    Kayaking Community and Resources
    Vehicle Boat Tie Down

    Let me know ASAP if you are interested.

    Mike Gilbert – Level 2 Instructor Trainer


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    Vincent Law

    I would like to take this course but unfortunately the 15th won’t work for me. I’ll try again the next time it’s offered.

    Sherron Soo

    Ok, I checked and I can take the time off April 15-17th so I’m interested.

    I’m an intermediate paddler, have done lots of multi day trips and I paddle an
    orange Delta 16”.

    Thx for putting this on,

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