Paddle Canada Basic Instructor Course

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    Mike Gilbert

    For anyone interested in having Paddle Canada Basic Instructor certification and being able to help provide solid instruction to other members of the club on beginner paddle skills, rescues and re-entries and knowledge topics, this course is for you.

    It will take place March 25th – 28th.  March 25th is only the evening for 3 hours for going over some knowledge topics, teaching and learning techniques and what the remaining three days will include.  The 26th – 28th are full days on or near the water 9:00 AM – 4:00 PM.  There will be pre-course work to be done.


    – 16 years old

    – Sea Kayak Level 1 Skills certification

    – current certification in first aid (14 hours) with CPR

    – significant paddling experience in a wide variety of conditions and locations.

    Location will be at Vanier Park, Vancouver.  You will need all your own gear and equipment.

    Cost:  This is normally a $350.00 course.  I am offering members of SKABC a special price of $200.00 to take the course.  There are 3 people ready to go on this (not SKABC members) so this course is expected to go ahead.  Maximum number of students is 6.

    If you are interested please get in contact with me – Mike Gilbert.

    Mike is one of the top Paddle Canada instructors on the West Coast.  He is currently a Level 2 Instructor Trainer, Level 3 Instructor, and has his Level 4 Skills certifications.

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