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    Nick Heath

    Many members will have visited the private South Octopus I, with its cabin full of memorabilia. including a SKABC/PIKA group in 2018.

    This island has been bought by the Province for over $1M to add to the Prov Park. Marine Parks Forever Society (Council of BC Yachts Clubs) contributed over $100K.

    I’d appreciate receiving some details – not of the cabin itself but rather of the landing and other pats of that island. Is there is a toilet there already? Did you camp there and if so, exactly where?

    It will be a while before BC Parks makes this island ready for public use, but for BC Marine Trails  I’d like to gather some info in advance and maybe assist with planning how it is to be done.

    This is welcome news for paddlers!

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    Monty Drake

    Hello, Nick,

    Thanks, Heather!  I stopped for lunch. Grassy area in front of the cabin. Slippery rocks and mostly rocky landing, near the cabin. Did not explore the island or see an outhouse near the cabin. I believe that day visits were ok; overnights not encouraged or allowed, as it was a private island. I may be corrected on this point.

    Good addition to the park. Thank you provincial government!

    Nick Heath

    Thks Heather.

    When you say you can’t camp there, do you mean that there are no suitable sites for tents or hammocks?

    Heather Harbord

    I don’t remember a toilet on the island and you can’t camp on it.  Monty Drake, who is a SKABC member, did a currents course in that area recently. He may be able to give you more details.He lives in Powell River as I do.  I think the landing is pretty rocky and in wet weather the rocks are slippery. A steady stream of yachts drop passengers off to tour the “museum”.

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