Nuchatlitz trip Aug. 7-14

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    Ronald Simmer

    Hi Guys

    earlier this Spring I proposed a trip to Nuchatlitz in August. I am posting this message to discover who is interested at this point. Should have posted earlier. The dates are somewhat flexible.  I have led SKABC trips to the west coast of the Island several times and paddled around Nuchatlitz a couple of times.  The general drill is drive to Zeballos, hire the water taxi to drive us to the park, and repeat the exercise on the way back. So we share expenses of a few hundred dollars for the water taxi. I have a van which can tow a trailer, so 4 or so people and kayaks could share the ferry rides.  My email is and my phone is 604 803 5937.   Will be somewhat off the grid for the next few days but if anyone is interested we could have a meeting early next week.  cheers  Ron Simmer

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    Theresa Davies

    Hi Ron,

    I am interested in finding out more.

    Theresa Davies

    778 870 6043

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