no more free parking at Whytecliff

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    Maureen Benzon

    Parking fees are in effect year-round, between 7 a.m. to 10 p.m., seven days a week. Rates during the initial phase of the plan will be $3.75 per hour, plus taxes and processing fees.


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    Kevin Amos
    Chris Fleming

    According to a friend who lives on Dufferin the restrictions were initiated by the Residents of the adult only, gated community at the top of the beach.  They  used COVID fear to lobby the City to restrict access completely.  They went door to door with stories of groups of children coming from Vancouver to play on the beach in groups larger than six.

    I tried writing to the City about getting registered to access Stearman Beach for more than 3 hours and was never even dignified with a response.  I live about a kilometre away from this beach and have used it for 25 years.  The irony is that another friend who lived by the beach said that she could register my license plate as being  one of her family members.

    Nick Heath

    Maybe the rot set in at Lions Bay and moved south during Covid?

    DWV should be ashamed that Batchelor Cove’s quite fancy concrete small hand-boat launch will never get used again because no kayak or SUP owner can park near enough to it. ( I thought 15 spaces on Dufferin had a 3 hr limit, but perhaps the NIMBYs have lobbied to reduce that to 1 hr?)

    It might be time to start writing letters…

    Chris Fleming

    West Vancouver residents can get a $20 annual parking pass for use at Whytecliffe, Lighthouse Park, and Whyte Lake parking lots.  The City is also looking at charging for permits to use picnic tables, Divers changing rooms, Dive class/Dive Club usage of the beach, and anything else they can to limit the use of the parks and make some coin

    Covid stranger panic allowed waterfront residents in West Vancouver to lobby West Vancouver city hall to put  year round parking restrictions in around all of the useful beach accesses in West Vancouver.  They now have between 1 hour at Bachelor Bay to 3 hours at Stearman Beach (where I put in to kayak Pt Atchinson).  At Stearman, a local waterfront owner patrols the limit and calls the City Bylaws to get offenders ticketed.  They have successfully banned dogs  from the beach (despite waterfront owners dogs running around)    And  banning winter use fire pits, despite the owners all having their own  fire pits.

    Eagle Harbour still has some unregulated parking spots probably because of the yacht club and their need for visitor parking.  This is a good spot to put in to access the waters from Lighthouse Park, the little offshore islands, and past Fisherman’s Cove over towards Horseshoe Bay

    it’s fair to say that I’m pissed off at the restriction of these public amenities  by the influence of a privileged minority.

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