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    Corey Plester

    Was just wondering if anyone has any ideas on what would be a great dry suit and the best places to probably buy from? I was looking into buying out of the states from Kayak Academy from a possible cheaper price, but the exchange might kill me. These things are so expensive but I really wanna extend my paddle season.



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    Level 6 drysuits in size small are on sale here: Thanks Peter K for passing this along!

    Corey Plester

    Thanks for all the ideas, much appreciated! I’m thinking of getting the¬†Kokatat Radius, looking like the two piece style makes the most sense, for the amount of money your spending.


    Hi, I got a barely used Kokatat drysuit off Craigslist years ago and have been very happy with it!

    David Murray

    Hi Cory,


    I bought the Kokatat Radius at Kayak Academy a few years ago.

    I would have preferred to buy at MEC, Western, etc., but at that time no stores in Vancouver were carrying that particular suit.

    I found the service at Kayak Academy prior and during purchase very good and staff very knowledgeable, it was also an interesting location for a retail outlet.

    Took a hit on the exchange rate, but I went across the border without duty.

    Good luck

    Chantal Ethier

    Hi Corey,

    I bought mine online a few years ago from a website called Steep & Cheap, which I use regularly as it offers great discounts on certain items ( The CDN $ was pretty good at the time, I had it shipped to a mail service outlet across the border. If my recollection is correct I didn’t pay any duties when I brought it across, I think I combined an overnight trip when I picked it up and as it’s often the case, they don’t charge duties even on some big-ticket item, although if you are not away long enough, then it’s a gamble. I just checked there seems to be some good prices on dry suits currently. Check it out and see what you think.

    Good luck,


    Karin Hartner

    Hi Cory

    MEC sells dry suits-likely at the best prices. I’m pretty sure sure most of us would recommend Kokatat. Also check with Western Canoe and Kayak for the date of their spring sale and see if there will be a discount on drysuits. You also get 10% at Ecomarine on Granville Island. I think that would more than make up for the exchange rate.


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