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    Corey Plester

    Hello, I was just wondering if  there are opportunities through SKABC to get your level 2 or know of a group/outfit that I can get it from at a reasonable price. I was talking to Bluedog kayaking on the coast, and there offering it for about $600 all in with food/camp included. Is that a decent price even though I’ll have to take the ferry out there too?

    Thanks in advance!


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    Chantal Ethier

    Hi Cory,

    I believe Mike Gilbert of Paddle Canada is teaching one maybe two level 2 this summer and I confirmed with him that SKABC members are eligible for a 10% discount.  You can reach Mike at for more information.

    Good luck,


    John Leung

    I took my level 2 with SKILS last year. The option that take the course in Victoria is only slightly cheaper, but you take care of your own accomodation. The option that take the course at Quadra Island cost a bit more, but include accomation at a lodge (which has a sauna).


    Philip Kubik

    There are quite a few companies offering Paddle Canada Level 2 at a similar price. For example, locally, there is Ecomarine, Deep Cove Canoe & Kayak Centre, & BC Kayak Centre. On Vancouver I. there is SKILS. Most courses will courses involve taking a ferry. Besides price, you should consider the quality of the instruction. SKABC has offered the course in the past but not this year. The main reason is lack of instructors with current Paddle Canada certification, which is an annual expense.

    Karin Hartner

    That sounds like an excellent price, Cory! They can’t be making a lot at that cost.



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