Nautical charts or map preferences

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    Aaron Creighton

    Hey everyone!

    I was curious what peoples preferences on maps tends to be? During my paddle 1, our instructor strongly favored nautical charts. I’d say I agree with his preference, but have had trouble finding places with them in stock. I’ve previously picked up a Wild coast publishing map, and though I know they’re not intended for navigation, they seem more readily found.


    Additionally, does anyone keep a hard copy of the tides and currents book? If so, is there somewhere that actually produces it or did you print it of your own devices?

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    Nick Heath

    AFAIK the printed CHS Tides and Currents is no longer available and the official *free) copy is on the web. See:

    “All of the Canadian Hydrographic Service’s nautical publications are now available as free digital downloads. Providing free digital nautical publications means easier access to up-to-date information for safer navigation. The Canadian Hydrographic Service will permanently discontinue the printing of all volumes listed below effective March 1st, 2022. To learn more about the changes, see the Notices to Mariners referenced below:

    Atlas of Tidal Currents: Notice to Mariners – Edition 12-21 *1206/21
    Canadian Tide and Current Tables: Notice to Mariners – Edition 09-20 *904
    Chart 1: Notice to Mariners – Edition 09-20 *905
    Chart Catalogues: Notice to Mariners – Edition 12-21 *1205/21
    Sailing Directions: Notice to Mariners – Edition 12-21 *1207/21
    We are proud to transform the way that we deliver quality data and services to our clients.”
    CHS charts are generally superior for any marine navigation. whether in a large ship or on a paddleboard, because maps for landlubbers provide neither water depth nor current direction information, not to mention specifics about each aid to navigation, traffic lanes etc.

    It can be helpful to have both topo maps and marine charts – complementary information is often useful because marine charts lack land details that are relevant to paddlers.

    Darlene Brown

    A year ago the following were willing to print the chart I was looking for.  Hopefully that is still the case.  I picked up my request.  Hopefully they also ship.

    ChartWorld Americas Maritime Services Ltd

    Marine supply store in Vancouver, British Columbia

    Address: 3440 Bridgeway St, Vancouver, BC V5K 1B6


    Closed ⋅ Opens 8:30 a.m. Mon

    Phone: +1 888-387-8667


    Rhys Scott

    Steveston Marine also has charts, and I’m pretty sure I saw the tides book there too

    John Leung

    For tides and currents, if you can’t find any place that sell them, you can download the entire PDF from the government website and print out only the pages you want.

    For charts, if you can’t find the place you needed and you have time, you can try and see if you can find the one you need from MapTown and order them online:

    For local store, you can try West Marine.  They sell a lot of boat stuff and most likely will have charts.

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