My Kayak Stolen

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    Allan Edwin

    Hello friends. So, on top of all the other stress going on right now, last night someone stole my kayak and my brother’s kayak from our underground parking.

    Please keep an eye out on Craigslist, Kijiji, and anywhere else you know of where people sell kayaks. These are the details:

    2006 Nimbus Lootas, 18′ 7″, red deck, white hull, black trim, kevlar & gelcoat. My boat also has a black patch on the bow from a repair, SKABC & BCMT stickers.

    2011 Necky Zoar Sport, 14′, white deck & hull, black trim, rotomold plastic. NRS and MEC stickers.

    I posted 2 ads on Craigslist to ensure no one tries to sell our boats there.

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    Allan Edwin

    By the way, I have posted on West Coast Paddler and FB Marketplace.

    I am very aware that I may not ever see my boat or my brother’s boat again, but I am not going to make it easy for someone to unload them. Thieves should know there really is no margin in selling a stolen kayak, and maybe this will save someone else’s from getting jacked in the future.

    It’s hard enough for our paddle vendors or private sales as it is.

    Allan Edwin

    Thank-you for the tip Nancy!

    Also, Kevin should look into that again for a meeting guest speaker. I will certainly not be the last to be victimized this way.

    Nancy More

    Check the MEC gear swap.  That is where mine showed up.  Also there is a VPD guy who has a stolen boat website.  The guy came to a SKABC meeting a couple of years ago.  Maybe someone else remembers the details?

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