Mustang Hudson drysuit

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    Jonathan Stewart

    I took advantage of a 25%-off sale at MEC over the holidays and ordered a men’s Mustang Survival Hudson drysuit.  Rather than latex seals it has a “CCS” neck closure and neoprene cuffs, so it’s more properly classed as a semi-dry suit I’ve learned. For my purposes that works fine.
    Does anyone have experience with this suit and/or the Mustang brand – anything  to know before I (literally) take the plunge?  Thanks!

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    Jonathan Stewart

    Thanks for the information, Ken & Peter – sounds like Mustang is a good way to go. I’ll post updates once the suit has arrived and I’ve had a chance to test it out.

    Peter Kearney

    World class PFDs and survival suits. Cold water research out of U Vic

    Ken Bigelow

    I agree “Semi dry” is a strange word to put with a dry suit. I have a GUL “semi dry” with the same setup as yours just purchased also. Perhaps we need to do a full review to show what they can handle.

    A few leaks in a true immersion emergency is way better than nothing at all.

    Mustang is a brand to trust.

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