Moving materials to Apodaca (Bowen)

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    Nick Heath

    In the coming weeks, BC Parks want to move the platform and toilet materials (mostly bought for them by SKABC with their grant $) from N Van to Apodaca, probably in 3 loads. They already took one load over in March.

    Our volunteer help will be needed, but it might be at short notice, because this task is weather dependent and subject to other park priorities and staffing.

    The work is loading/unloading 12′ 2×6 and 4×6 lumber, some concrete blocks and other heavy materials. Locations: N Van works yard, Cates Park boat ramp, Apodaca Park. Then, these same items might need to be carried from the shore up the access trail to the job site, but that might be a separate day’s work.¬† Each trip will take half to one full day. Deluxe boat transport¬† provided!

    If you will be able to help between now and 15 June please let me know.¬† Their summer staff start 1 June so that is the likeliest start. Unfortunately, I’m scheduled to be away then. Nick H (treasurer2 at

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