Mill Creek 16.6 for sale

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    Peter Loppe

    The Mill Creek is a stitch and tape kayak made from a high-quality marine plywood kit from Chesapeake Light Craft in the USA.
    16.6 ft long, this kayak stores easily in the average garage. A weight of only 62 lbs makes the Mill Creek™ very car top-able.
    A flat bottom give the kayak a shallow draft and an initial stability so high that even beginners feel safe getting in and out of the boat.
    Despite the 33 ins width of the boat, it moves easily with little paddle effort. is very well suited for children. A rudder lets the rear paddler steer.
    There is plenty of room for light gear.
    The price is $1,000.
    Covered storage is available for this boat at English Bay. The cost is $310 per year.

    For pictures see this Craig’s List ad.

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    Peter Loppe

    Not sure what “the manager’s link” is. Can you please clarify. Thanks.

    Jim Govett


    Nice kayak. You might not want to have the manager’s link posted here.  Could lead to troubles.


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