Members’ help wanted – assembling first aid kits, etc.

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    George Prevost

    Hi everyone,

    Last year the executive learned that Transport Canada requires a first aid kit meeting their specifications to be carried on all of our on-water activities, both trips and training. We struck a committee that did some good work on examining commercially available kits, considering what would work best for us, etc. The committee concluded that we can best meet our specific needs by creating our own kits and put together a couple of samples which seem like they will fit the bill. A lot of the hard work has been done, but there’s still more to do.

    We are looking for volunteers who are willing to help with one or more of the following tasks:

    • Sourcing and purchasing supplies – we already have a list of what is needed and a couple of names of potential suppliers.
    • Assembling the kits – we are planning on putting together ten kits. Once the supplies are on hand this could probably be done in a couple of hours by a small work party.
    • Distributing the kits to instructors and trip leaders as needed and keeping track of where they are. It’s not clear yet what the best approach will be, but it will probably involve assigning some or all of the kits to instructors and trip leaders who have already signed up to lead courses and trips this year and then coordinating swaps between them and any other instructors and leaders who weren’t initially assigned a kit. Sounds complicated but in practice might not take much work. This would be a good job for someone who is well-organized and detail oriented.
    • Ensuring that the kits are kept fully stocked with items being replaced as they are used. Again, this would be a good job for someone who is well-organized and detail oriented. Ideally it would be the same person who is in charge of distributing the kits or perhaps a team of two could work together to do the two jobs. (Eventually we will need to ensure that supplies in the kits are replaced as they reach their expiry dates but that shouldn’t be a problem for a year or two.)
    • Normally our Safety Officer would take the lead on this project, but, unfortunately, we have been unable to find someone to take on the Safety Officer role this year. If this is something that interests you, we love to have you join us on the executive.

    If you are able to help with any of the above tasks, please reply to this post or send an email to


    George Prevost
    SKABC President



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    George Prevost

    Thanks Cynthia.  We’ll be in touch!

    Cynthia Materi

    Hi, I could help assemble the kits.

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