MEC Discount Night Nov 16 (corrected)

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    Cameron Redenbach

    Not sure how many fellow paddlers are members of local hiking clubs. Mec holds a discount night for many local hiking clubs wanderung, bcmc, NSH etc

    not sure what it would require to get Skabc added to included clubs

    email me if your interested or questions

    cheers cam




    A reminder that MEC is holding another club night this month – please let
    us know if you plan to attend:

    Where: MEC, 130 W. Broadway
    When: Thursday October 26th, from 7pm to 9 pm
    What: Get 10% off all regular priced items purchased that evening –
    including bikes and boats!

    Fine print:
    * Only applies on in-stock items at the Vancouver store
    * Must have a MEC membership to make purchases (obviously, right? Only $5
    to join!)
    * Items can be put on hold up to 48 hours before the event and can be
    picked up at the Member Services Desk during the club night
    * Discount does not extend to clearance items or those already included in
    a packaged discount.
    * Discount does not apply to any Blundstone products
    * Items that have been purchased before the event *cannot* be returned and
    re-purchased at the discounted rate. There are no exceptions to this rule.

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    Hi everyone, the heading of this forum topic was corrected to show that SKABC is scheduled to have our MEC Club Night November 16. Details will be sent by email asap.

    Thanks for your patience while this was sorted out!




    Hi everyone, I just heard from Karin Hartner who organizes these and just got back in town, that we’re having a MEC Club Night on Nov. 16. Stay tuned for details….

    Cameron Redenbach
    Hey Martin
    I’m just as confused as you are….
    Assuming that since its not posted in the calendar or “mail and web notices” skabc members are not included.
    Any ways I just wanted to post it possibly some members might be able to benefit for the winter. If they are wanderung hiking club is free and is included in this event. sign up online and your golden.
    Martin Feuchtwanger

    I’m confused by all the above!

    Can someone in authority state whether SKABC has a member night at MEC on Thur 26 Oct?

    (It seems to be what Cam says but Nick is vague on.)

    Nick Heath

    MEC discount nights are announced to our members via the usual channels – mail and web notices. As I understand, MEC likes to rotate clubs rather than throw the evenings open to every registered club. Hence, SKABC will be present on some evenings but not on others. Also, I believe this has been arranged only at the Vancouver store, to date. Many of our members have taken advantage of these useful discount evenings. SKABC also has its own club member number so I suppose a SKABC member who is not a MEC member could attend and buy items that way, if they so chose.

    Cameron Redenbach

    Thanks nick

    Ok most of the other clubs have a table and are handing out the discount cards just for that night. I obviously have never seen a Skabc table so I wasn’t sure.

    So what your saying Mec is accepting the Skabc cards at these nights ? Which is awesome

    I will have to check the club calendar to see if the discount night is listed. If it’s not, how do skabc members know when these discount nights are ?






    Nick Heath

    Thanks Cam

    You’ve been away from our club for a while, Cam, and in the meantime (as shown on our web site under ‘Discuunts for Members’) we’ve become regular participants in MEC club nights. But thank you for the suggestion, anyhow!

    I’d like to see us negotiate discounts with more vendors too – our list is rather sparse – (Ecomarine, Deep Cove and Middelton Boats) so if you or others would like to try, it might be good for both the vendor and be a useful club perk to keep folks re-enrolling and to market ourselves  to prospective new members.

    Most vendors (but not MEC) require a club membership card.  These are sent automatically to all new members, but not to renewing or re-enrolling members because demand was found to be too low. However, any member can ask for one and I’ll mail it to them, pronto.

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