Mariner II sea kayak with bulkheads

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    Lee Shedden

    Since I’m now the proud owner of a Mariner Max, and at least a couple too many kayaks into a collection, the time has come to put my Mariner II up for sale.

    Mariners were built without front bulkheads & were designed to be used with flotation bags and sea socks. Victoria’s John Abercrombie has completely ‘renovated’ this boat with new bulkheads, hatches in recesses, new hull gelcoat, recessed carbon fiber coaming, new deck rigging, etc.

    The gelcoat is no longer “like new” and there are some adorable natural relic marks where a mink scrabbled at the deck with his claws trying to get in while we were camped south of Bella Bella, but otherwise in stellar shape.

    This is a fast, capable kayak suitable for an athletic paddler. Can fit a huge amount of gear, but feels nimble in the water. It’s not light to carry, but then, you’re not going to break it when hauling it up on the beach, either. This is a kayak that will last you a lifetime, suitable for distance touring or day trips — handles amazingly well loaded or unloaded.

    With the Mariner sliding seat, which allows you to adjust the trim on the fly as conditions change.

    Specifications and details at

    17’11” x 21.5″

    Boat is located in Surrey. $2500

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    Lee Shedden

    The Mariner II has sold!

    Lee Shedden

    Hi, Daniel. Yes, it’s still available. Contact me at lshedden at telus dot net & I can answer any questions you might have. Thanks for your interest!

    Daniel Del Vecchio

    Is the kayak still available??

    Lee Shedden

    A little bump here. I’ll be around next weekend (June 8-9) if anyone wants to take her for a test paddle.


    And in case you need help making your mind up, I’ll just leave this here:


    Happy spring!

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