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    Jill Thompson

    Hi All,

    Could anyone recommend a website for free downloads of nautical charts?



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    Nick Heath

    Hi Jill.  I use both electronic CHS (government) charts, Navionics for an iPad and Garmin BlueCharts in my GPS. They all cost $.  I find the CHS charts best. They are identical to the printed charts. The newer ones have quite strong encryption on them which makes it difficult to share with others, as was the intent since they are Copyright material, but I have a set of older charts that work sufficiently well for kayaking when one does not need all the nav aids to be updated etc. Some SKABC members have used these with usccess. If you want a specific chart or group of charts for an area please let me know which ones. I might  be able to help.

    Maureen Benzon

    Navionics is fantastic, but it is an app for a phone, so not much good on the water. For paper charts you have to pay for them – about $20 at any marine store. All US marine charts are free. Ours are not. You can purchase the electronic charts for a GPS and print what you need and there are printable electronic charts but they are expensive and you get a lot that you never use.

    The bought paper charts are strong and you can use them over and over. They get more fun to look at the more you use them.

    Jacquie Gaudet

    Navionics ( is what my son the sailor uses.  I haven’t looked at it in detail yet, but he says he paid $15 for the app for his phone and that’s what he uses.


Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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