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    Cynthia Materi

    Could anyone who has done practice at Lord Byng pool please let me know how strict they are on requirements. Their notice says you need to have helmets and a maximum of a 15 foot boat. Mine is 19 feet and I have no helmet. Do you think I will run into trouble? Many thanks for your reply.

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    Vincent Law

    Iโ€™ve been there twice since it reopened. They donโ€™t appear to enforce the helmet rule and I have not seen a boat longer than 15 feet there so as Philip said not sure if they will enforce it.

    Gunilla Oberg

    Hi Cynthia,

    We went about a month ago. Called ahead and asked if they allowed 19ft and they said no:(

    I brought my 14ft and we took turns. We brought helmets but never used them. No comments from the staff.


    Gunilla and Ian


    Mike McHolm

    Thanks Philip! I’ll probably bring a Romany Classic and take my changes at 15.9 feet ๐Ÿ™‚

    Philip Kubik

    Hello Mike,

    Go to:


    In the Search box, type “kayak”.

    Click Locations (left panel), and select “Lord Byng Pool”. The attached page should appear.

    In the “Name” column, click “Lord Byng Pool – Kayak paddle and practice” and the information should appear.


    Byng kayak session registration

    Mike McHolm

    Thanks Philip. Can you share a link? I don’t see an option on the City of Vancouver page for Lord Byng and on the Calendar page I get:

    “We’re sorry, but online registration is not allowed for this activity. Please contact us during regular business hours for registration information.”

    Philip Kubik


    The same information about kayak length and helmets can also be found by go to the list of kayak sessions at Byng pool and clicking on the hyperlink for the specific session, at the start of the registration process.


    Philip Kubik

    Hello Mike,

    The information about boat length and kayaks is only provided after you complete the registration process and pay. It is on the receipt. Admittedly, a strange process. Here is what the receipt states:

    “Up to 10 individuals can bring their own kayaks to practice skills in an indoor pool. Individuals to supply and use their own equipment kayak or canoe (Must be under 15 feet in length), helmet, PFD, paddle and any other equipment they will use. Safety gear must be used when in the pool.

    This is a self-directed activity. All participants will maintain a safe distance from other kayaks, and use all due care. Please note that the pool deck is a wet environment and carrying heavy items on the pool deck may result in slipping and possible injury. Also note that impact with other kayakers, the pool perimeter walls or other fixtures within the pool area can result in injury or damage to personal equipment. Helmets must be worn at all times while in the pool basin area.”


    Mike McHolm

    Where is the notice you’re referring to? I don’t see anything about it online. Before COVID we’d go without helmets and with sea kayaks over 15 feet.



    Philip Kubik

    Hello Cynthia,

    I have been to the Lord Byng pool kayak session three times since the new rules were put in place. The rule about helmets has not been enforced. Some participants wear one but others do not. There have not been any boats longer than 15 ft. but I don’t know whether that is because the rule has been enforced or because nobody has brought one.


    Maureen Benzon

    Hi Cynthia,

    It would be best to phone. I used to go with my 18 ft boat but that was years ago. No helmets were required, but it could get rather hectic when all the little ww boats were there doing their stunts and they may have had an incident.

    The only trouble you will run into is that they might not let you in!

    They used to allow a max of 15 boats so you had to get there early. Things have obviously changed. No harm in wearing a helmet. You need one for the currents course and playing in rocks anyway.



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