Looking to buy minicell foam block

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    Yekaterina Yushmanova

    Wondering if anyone has some minicell foam blocks that they no longer need. I will be happy to buy it from you. Thought I’d check here before buying online and paying for shipping.  Looking for 3-4” thickness. Need to add some padding around my hips and knees. Thanks! Katya 604-600-3738

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    Yekaterina Yushmanova

    Thanks, folks! A foam block of the right size has been locally (within walking distance!) procured!  Now onto stage two: forming and fitting 😉   Love this forum.


    Martin Feuchtwanger

    Just after hanging up from you, i found a bigger block:

    12″ x 9″ x 3″

    Martin 604-254-0361

    Reed Clarke

    In the past, Rod at Orca Boats has been willing to sell blocks of the grey minicell foam. He uses it in the construction of his wooden canoes and kayaks, and usually has it on hand. I haven’t seen him in a while, so there could be changes. Last time I visited, he was living in Coquitlam.

    Website address: https://orcaboats.ca/

    If you live near Burnaby, I also have a box of scraps that might contain something the right size. You’re welcome to look through it. As long as you’re not trying to walk off with my foam kayak seat, you can have a chunk for free. (I have no idea why I keep all these little pieces. Hoarding is such a disease!)

    Cheers, Reed Clarke

    Maureen Benzon

    I am pretty sure deep cove outdoors sells them. They used to sell blocks that had adhesive on one side. You can save on postage and combine the shopping with a paddle from deep cove 🙂

    Delta kayaks sell thigh braces that should fit most boats

    If you are looking for padding, I presume you are learning to roll. Let me know if you are heading towards deep cove and would like some company. I paddle every Sunday. At the moment not far because I am having issues with my shoulder, but rolling practice is always an option.


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