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    David Scott

    This is the 2nd time I have taken the time to “reach out” and see if I couldn’t find a “compatable” paddling partner for a trip. The 1st time didn’t go so well, I had to send him down the Yukon at Ft. Yukon on that trip. I know it isn’t easy finding someone, work, wives, relationships, kids, money and time. And of course my expectations with no compromising can put a potential paddler off. Knothing out of the ordinary.

    Just seems prudent, if I could find the right guy/gal to have someone along. Driving up to Hay River from Bend, Oregon about 2,000 miles, leaving by the end of the 1st week of June. I paddle a Feathercraft K2 Expidition, a tandem, plenty of room for Stormy in the front seat and gear. This is a very stable, safe and trustworthy kayak. With most of you guys/gals being from Vancouver Island and there abouts, I am sure you know of the Feathercraft. I believe these guys who built these kayaks were some of the best. Too bad they went out of business.

    I have paddled about 12,000 miles, all solo, unassisted and Stormy has done about 1/2 of those miles with me.

    Me: 75 years old, 100% Disabled Vet PTSD out of combat…in Vietnam 26 months/sober 25 years/great positive attitude towards life/practice the 5 P’s in every aspect of my life/divorced/father of 4 very successful kids/now adults/author of 2 books….working on 2 more/paint/practice and soon to play the piano/walk 2/3/4/5 miles every day/beat colon cancer/beating prostrate cancer and out living them all, so far.

    I also have been putting off paddling the Inside Passage, but no more. I plan that trip next summer 2023, including taking in Glacier Bay National Park before paddling over and up to Skagway. Once again, be prudent to find somebody if I can, but feel confident that trip will go fine solo, as the rest of them have.  A good 90 days, no hurry.

    2024 the plan is to spend the entire summer in Prince William Sound in Alaska, take the Ferry to Whittier, leave from there. I used to spend some time in the Sound when I lived in AK in the 80’s.

    My website is: www.1indsob.com ….tab for Journals/pics/videos of some of my trips/tab for ordering 2 books I have written and some other information about me/my life if you get bored.

    Few of the miles I have paddled:
    The Snake River from Flagg Ranch down to the Columbia, that was both kayak/catamaran thru Hells Canyon. 1,000 miles or so
    The Yellowstone from Gardnier, MT to the Missouri at Williston, ND to the Mississippi at St. Louis, down the Mississippi the Baton Rouge, 3,000 mile 100 days.
    The Yukon from Whitehorse to Greyling, AK. 900 miles or so, had some hand issues so didn’t make it to the ocean.
    Khuvosogul Lake in N. Mongolia, down the Eg, where I got into some trouble/had a herder take me out, then into the Selenga River in Siberia, thru the Selenga Delta, on to Lake Baikal, where I got to the N end of Lake Baikal, knew something was wrong health wise, got off the lake by a fluke encounter about 1,500 miles. Got back, Colon Cancer, beat it, surgery went very wrong and almost killed me twice, but here I am, almost back to being able to wrestle atleast a 100 lb Grizzley.

    I am not done yet, I refuse to compitulate to the age factor. I have been accused of being too Independent, too Old and too Contakerous. Not so. I just have certain peramiters I live by and there you go, that is why I wrote the book “101 Ways to Tell the World to Kiss Your Ass”.

    If anyone might be interested to the point of considering such an undertaking or know of someone who was in a position to consider it,,,, you can reach me at:

    dhscott_46@hotmail.com, we could start there.

    I live in Newberry National Monument in Central Oregon, at 6400 ft in a 100 year old cabin, it is pure Heaven. www.volcanoproperty.com

    Thanks, Dave Scott

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