Looking for information on kayaking Nootka Sound Area

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    Susan Servos-Sept

    Planning to kayak in the area of Nootka Sound. Would appreciate advice from people who have paddled in this area. Route, campsites, etc. you would recommend. Thanks

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    Cameron Redenbach

    As Nick said, check it out

    great resource with amazing interactive map and site details with photos


    Nick Heath

    BCMT map is your best info source, Susan, (but I am biased). Most folks would start/finish at Cougar Ck, but be aware that it is often very busy. Pay parking available there. SKABC had a trip to Nootka Sd many years ago and camped at several of the sites incl. Escalante Pt N, Charlie’s Bch, Yuquot also Hoiss Ck, but the latter is no longer sanctioned for use by the local FN. Heather Harbord’s guide is still relevant. We encountered some heavy fog and some sports fishing boats. I needed my air horn. Mostly the paddling & camping were excellent. We didn’t try Burdwood Bay but if the swell is ok it might be super.

    Kevin Amos

    In September of 2021 we launched from Tuta Marina and paddle to Escalate Point. The Marina had no staff and only a handful of RV’s. We had Escalate Point all to ourselves. There is an old cabin by the river you can check out and we walked part of the Nootka trail for a short distance.

    Here is a document someone put together that might be helpful.


Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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