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    Mark Riser

    Hi everyone,

    I’m an assistant overnight guide who completed his guide training this year in Haida Gwaii, along with 90-hrs of wilderness first aid and VHF. Unfortunately, with all these courses, money is pretty tight! So I’m looking for a good deal on a kayak so I can get out on the water on club trips. I would be keen to help on SKABC community trips, but I don’t currently have a kayak or racks on my van to hold one. So I was considering a folding kayak.

    Not really sure which brands are considered reputable, and whether a folding kayak can keep up with a group of hard shelled kayakers. Hoping to make a good purchase decision now rather than having to backtrack.

    Any ideas?

    Thanks so much,
    Mark Riser
    SKGABC AOG – Paddle Canada Level 1 & 2 – 90 hr AWFA

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    check this out  – https://youtu.be/UwIaCKTMcT0

    you can learn more here

    call me if you have any questions about the TRAK. 250 927 6164

    Stephen Tarrant
    Stephen Tarrant

    Hi Mark,

    A few thoughts:   used, older,  full-length (16-18ft) fiberglass kayaks regularly seem to come up on Craigslist for sale in the $500-$800 range–and sell within a few hours.    I purchased mine for $650 a few months ago, and have seen two more similar deals since then.   You have to set up an app to notify you when a ‘hit’ comes up, and be ready to jump on it right away.

    Sea Kayaking is an “aging” sport, lots of people retiring from it and selling off their boats,  often with lots of ‘kit’ (paddles, pfd’s, etc.) included.

    Used folding boats seem to sell in the $2000 plus range.    If you don’t absolutely need a folder for storage reasons or because you need to strap it to your back to hike up to mountain lakes, consider a hardshell.     If it looks like a ‘beater’ it could probably live on foam pads on top of your van without getting stolen.


    Elisa Kreller


    I have a Khatsalano which is 18 L x 22 W with multiple customized accessories (rudder, skeg, deckbag, paddlefloat, greenland paddle).  Beautiful on water performance.  My issue with a folding boat is the 30 t0 40 minutes assembly (and disassembly time).  Let me know if you’re interested in this model and I’ll provide more information.


    Amanda Mitchell

    I have an Oru Bay and I love it. 🙂

    People are often selling them through the Oru Kayak Owner’s facebook group and I have had a few friends who have purchased them second hand through craigslist or kijiji.

    Mark Riser

    Hey guys – I appreciate the responses… one question though — Isn’t Feathercraft out of business? ie replacement parts difficult to come by, no service, etc?


    Philip Kubik

    Hello Mark,

    The following ad for a folding kayak was in the PIKA newsletter of May 15. I don’t know whether it is still available.

    FOR SALE by club members!

    Bruno is selling his  Feather-Craft, Kayak Big Kahuna

    Length 14′ 9″, Beam 25″, Weight (35 lb.)

    With Complete Travelling Pack, Folds nicely into compact Back Pack. Comes with Rotor.

    8 years old.

    Like Brand New, Excellent Condition, Stored Very Well, Very Stable.

    Serious Buyer can arrange to view anytime.

    Bruno Cell 604.616.3455.

    Firm Price $2400.

    Includes (portable paddles that fit into back pack, brand new dry sack, spray skirt

    R Steeves

    Hi Mark,

    My Feathercrafts are basically ready to be viewed.

    I can be reached at rstvs@telus.net for more detail.



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