Last Call- Southern Gulf Islands Trip 23-30 Apr

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    Nick Heath

    Trip participants have dwindled to just 3. If any member wishes to join us, please contact me.Nick H  <treasurer2 at>. Some details have changed, but the write-up on the trip list remains mostly accurate.

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    Nick Heath

    Sorry – we adjusted the dates once already, James, so I don’t want to repeat that. It would be possible for an additional paddler to join up with us on Mon am by taking the ferry to Otter Bay Pender I or Tues at Fulford Hbr or Wed at Swartz Bay. We could meet the ferry, depending on timing.

    Peter James

    I really want to join this but I am committed to the Sun Run on the 24th.

    Any chance one of the details that changed was sliding the dates? 🙂

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