Labour Day Weekend 2021

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    Allan Edwin

    Hello all. It has been a SKABC tradition for a number of years now to have a club camp-out on Labour Day Weekend. In recent years we have reserved one of the group sites on Newcastle Island in Nanaimo harbour. This location is one that allows our members to access the BC Ferries on a holiday long weekend by walking their boats on/off. Base camping on the island offers paddling options around the area, hiking on the island, and more. As a result, this is one of our most popular events of the year.

    The natural question: is there enough interest for us to hold this event this year? I will point out that last year, even with the pandemic restrictions, a handful of us camped at Newcastle and had a very enjoyable time.

    We don’t need hard numbers yet, but some idea of interest at this point will be welcome to Trips and the Social Committee!

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    Allan Edwin

    Hello all!

    Labour Day is coming up in 2 weeks and we still have space available for a few more participants. If you are still on the fence, come on down! We have a good time planned with a fun group.

    Labour Day Weekend 2020 - Hudson Rocks

    Experienced paddlers – bring your charts so we can talk about trips to do next year!

    Quirine Schuyff

    Hi Everyone:

    Is anyone interested/able to carpool? I am coming from Vancouver and was thinking of leaving Friday morning/return Monday midday and parking at Horseshoe Bay but….

    I was checking for parking reservations at Horseshoe Bay and it looks as though there is no space to reserve so may have to drive on the ferry? Or maybe there is always space for unreserved cars?

    Alternately there still seems to be space on the ferries to reserve for cars and might be a similar cost?

    I don’t think I’ll have the option for someone to drop me off/pick me up.

    Susan Servos-Sept

    Duane and I are interested. Have to see if can find some wheels, though. Unable to commit at this point.

    Allan Edwin

    Here are some notes for those new to this particular adventure:

    BC Ferries – The ferry system serves kayakers the same as cyclists. When you pay for your ticket, let them know you are walking aboard with your kayak so they can charge you accordingly.

    They will give you a code for the gate to access the vehicle area where you will walk down to the correct berth and ramp and wait with the cyclists. At Horseshoe Bay this gate is behind the building where the ticket booths are. At Departure Bay it is on the left side of the building where the ticket counter is. Do try and get someone to hold the gate for you while you roll your boat through. It’s easier on your boat and everyone else that way.

    Your boat will be down on the main vehicle deck. On most sailings that area is closed off and patrolled by crew, so your gear should be safe. I keep my valuables in a special dry bag (ditch bag) which I keep with me while aboard the ferry or in my cockpit.

    Horseshoe Bay Ferry Terminal – Most of you will be coming via Horseshoe Bay terminal to Departure Bay terminal in Nanaimo. This is one of the busiest routes in the ferry system and will be very busy on Labour Day holiday weekend. If you can arrange to be dropped off with your boat and gear (and picked up afterwards) this is the best case scenario. The terminal itself is undergoing renovations, so please check ahead of time what the parking situation is if you have to drive yourself.

    Departure Bay Ferry Terminal – When arriving you will walk your boat off and to the left along the terminal building. You will find the exit gate near the end of the building. Once you walk out, head left and you can follow the exit road (staying to one side, out of the traffic) for about 2 blocks to the Brechin Boat ramp. This is where you will get your boat off your wheels and load it up. You will be crossing the channel to the shore of Newcastle Island and then following the shore around to the southeast side of the island where the group campsites are.

    Coming back is the reverse. You will need to leave your boat outside the doors to the ticket counters, pay for your ticket, and then go back through the gate to the cyclist waiting area.

    Kayak Wheels – If you don’t have wheels, now is the time to beg/borrow/steal some. Keep an eye out on Craigslist, FB Marketplace, or Kijiji, as they show up pretty regularly. There are center wheels and end wheels. Pretty much the only pro for end wheels is that they are small and will fit into most hatches. Center wheels support your hull if loaded properly. You will want to practice with them to make sure you know how to get your boat centered on them and strapped on securely. Set your heaviest gear (typically food and kitchen kit) and valuables aside to carry in soft rucksack (that can be packed into your hatches later) and put the rest in your cockpit where it will be supported by the wheels. Don’t forget you need room for camping gear + paddling gear. Bring your cockpit cover if you’ve got one.

    Schedule – Do try and give yourself as much time as you can to travel to/from Nanaimo. If you can get away early on Friday, the midday sailings are great. There will still be good daylight in September, so a late afternoon sailing will get you to Nanaimo in good time. Some folk leave on Sunday afternoon/evening, but most leave Monday morning.

    Newcastle Island – We have reserved Group Site 5 this year as that was the last available. Yes, they are booking this far in advance. This is at the far end (furthest north) of the group area on the eastern shore of the island. There are pay showers, so do not forget your loonies and bath sheet. The site operators also provide firewood, usually at less than $10/bundle, but do not count on that this year with the campfire ban now in place.

    Allan Edwin

    Hey! Good to have you signed on.

    Yes, the little checkbox that says ‘Notify me…’ doesn’t seem to do that does it?

    Ask away. You has my email 🙂

    Quirine Schuyff

    I did not get an email  of a follow up reply to this thread but just by chance checked the trip list and have signed up!

    I have some questions Allan. Can I email you or is there another leader to contact?

    Looking forward to it!

    Allan Edwin

    Reservation is confirmed and the trip is now posted.

    Allan Edwin

    Great to have George, the Williams, and Marina along. I will post the trip as soon as it is confirmed we have a reservation.

    This year Labour Day Weekend falls on September 4, 5, 6. Please mark your calendars.

    Can we try for a potluck on Friday evening? We had some vegetarian and vegan participants in the past. It would be great if we could cover a range of dietary needs.


    Marina Gilson

    Hi Allan, yes I am interested!

    Donna Williams

    Doug and Donna Williams are interested.

    George Prevost

    I’m interested.

    Allan Edwin

    OK folks. Remember to bring your loonies. The showers will be open on the island and the concession as well. Ice cream!

    Quirine Schuyff

    I would definitely be interested. I always have to decline due to work but being a casual worker now, with advance notice I can now just book it off.

    Allan Edwin

    Great Thom! I’ve heard on back-channels from more people too that would sign up for our Labour Day Weekend if we run it.

    I think we might even be able to have a potluck! If anyone has ideas for group activities, post them here. We could do a boat packing clinic or show-and-tell your camping gear.

    Thom Kline

    Susan Johnson & Thom Kline would be interested in going. Thanks  Allan for putting this together. Cheers Thom & Susan

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