Kyuquot Sound

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    David Murray

    Anybody have any suggestions for Day Trips and/or one night camp from Fair Harbour.

    I’m an intermediate paddler with experience on the west coast of Van. Island, but I’ll be paddling with a novice who likely won’t do well in open ocean.


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    David Murray

    Thanks very much for the information Katya.

    Unfortunately a family health issue arose and I was unable to make the trip.

    My colleagues reported that it is a beautiful area, hopefully I’ll get an opportunity to go someday.

    Thanks again


    Yekaterina Yushmanova

    Just came back from there. You can camp on Spring Is at the West Coast Expedition’s site (on the north side of the island), they won’t be using it until June. There is a sign at the site asking for a donation if you are staying there. I recommend taking the water taxi out as the inlet is a bit of slog and if winds blow up it will be too much for a beginner. If you get calm weather, the Mission group is lovely.

    No wildlife warnings at Rugged as of Saturday. We stayed at the South beach and hiked to the North one – very easy short hike. While protected from the SE, the north beach is very exposed to northerlies and was actually quite rough when we went there. I wouldn’t recommend crossing the Kyuquot channel with a beginner to get there.

    The estuary around Fair Harbour is pretty and sheltered but is a very short paddle.

    Feel free to text or call if you want any more details)

    604.600.3738 Katya



    David Murray

    Thank you for your suggestions.

    Plans not completely firm yet. Rugged Point looks like a good option, also may take the kayaks over to Walters Island for easy access to Spring Island or other spots?

    Planning around a work engagement May 21-23 in Kyuquot – staying at Waters Cove Resort . We plan to drive to Fair Harbour long weekend prior.


    Maureen Benzon

    I have not explored the inlet (and be warned about the pm inflow winds) but you can catch a water taxi there and back and spend the the days exploring Spring Island, which is a very beautiful. Arrangements can be made through West Coast expeditions, who are happy to offer information and advice. They also rent kayaks.

    Or Rugged Point Provincial park is a closer and a more protected paddle, but be sure to check the wildlife warnings before you go. Previous years the park has been closed because of cougar or wolves but that was a little while ago

    Fair Harbour itself is very inaptly named. How many days do you have, and why Fair Harbour?


    Ellen Wood

    The inside of Rugged Point is quite a bit more tame than the outside. I haven’t camped there in a long time so I don’t recall but I would think you could walk through to the other side.

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