Kokatat wrist gasket tool repair kit

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    Kapila Jayaweera

    Wrist gasket replacement went really well. Tool came out easily without sticking to the glue however wrap around using parchment paper as Vincent’s comment is a good idea.

    Dollar store cutting board plastic with cardboard insert works well.

    Thanks for everyone’s feedback.

    After gasket replacement picture

    Vincent Law

    Hey Kapila,

    Good to hear the repair is going well.

    To avoid the plastic roll from sticking to the sleeve due to excess glue you can use parchment paper on the outside of the plastic roll.

    An as an alternative to the cardboard cutout you can use a cylindrical piece of foam that’s somewhat larger than the sleeve. It will provide continuous outward pressure on your plastic roll.




    Kapila Jayaweera

    Thanks for everyone’s response to my posting. I kind of follow Vincent’s method. I managed to get a plastic cutting board (flexibles one) from dollar store for $2.50. Managed to cut 2″ strips (use two strips to make it stronger) then cut a piece of cardboard with the same diameter fit into wrist gasket and insert. Did one wrist, waiting to dry out now. Everything went well.

    Only complain is dealing with Aqua seal. Seems to stick to everything, not much pleasant. Has to do carefully without getting to everything. If you don’t want to deal with it, not a bad idea to let professionals deal with it.

    Last year I have to replace my neck gasket, it was bit of work. I gave it to Coast Outdoor and they did a great job. Also their turnaround time was great. I managed to drop off and pick up in two days.
    Also Skyview Outdoors repairing gaskets too.

    Thanks all,
    KapilaWrist Gasket replacement

    John Halliday

    My experience is that the replacement of wrist gaskets is simple enough when you have the Kokatat kit. PIKA owns the Kokatat wrist and the neck gasket replacement kits which are available for borrowing.

    Arthur Chan

    Wow… you guys repair your own?…

    It’s a little far but kayak academy outside of Seattle does repairs:

    GASKET REPLACEMENT SERVICE, Kokatat WRIST ***EACH*** (parts & labor)

    Vincent Law

    Hey Kapila, call mom. I couldn’t find them either last year so I made my own. You can borrow mine.

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